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Company background
Founded in 1961 in Italy by visionary Giorgio Colletto, Myrtha has become a pioneer in the aquatic industry, creating a global brand and becoming supplier to the Olympic Games since 1996. Committed to R&D, the company has transferred its unique and exclusive technologies to the world of wellness and thermal bathing.

Main products and services
Myrtha Wellness offers a comprehensive range of cutting edge and sustainable solutions. Featuring ‘Made in Italy’ design, our technology has inspired a complete line of innovative spa products including Swimming Pools, Vitality Pools, Plunge Pools, Flotation Pools, Kneipp Baths, Finnish Saunas, Steam Rooms, Hammams, Roman Baths, Herb Saunas, Soft/Bio-Saunas, Salt Saunas, Tepidariums, Caldariums, Frigidariums, Snow Igloos, Salt Rooms, Ice Fountains & Experience Showers.

Myrtha Wellness collaborates and consults closely and globally with architects, interior designers and consultants, as they appreciate the wide range of services offered, including 3D renderings and BIM processes. The highly experienced Myrtha Wellness team proudly shares the latest developments in materials technology and sustainability. Myrtha Wellness products are eco-friendly and contribute to the efficiency and the sustainability of buildings for LEED, BREEAM, and Green Star certification. These include integrative processes, water efficiency, energy optimisation and CO2 emissions, lower environmental impact, material resources, indoor environmental quality & innovation.

Myrtha’s revolutionary use of modular, laminated stainless-steel panels in the design of hydrothermal facilities gives the Myrtha Wellness products the best warranties in the industry for structure, equipment and waterproofing. Myrtha Wellness products are engineered, designed and manufactured using environmentally sustainable processes. Myrtha products contribute up to 6 of the 9 LEED certification categories. This results in the most environmentally progressive products available in the industry.

Myrtha employs a 3D-design system (compliant with BIM standards) that streamlines the approval process and allows potential issues to be identified before manufacturing even begins. The outcome is a modular process resulting in plug-&-play ease. Myrtha Wellness brought to you by Myrtha Lifestyle Smartness.

Where in the world
Myrtha Wellness has offices on several continents, including Europe, Middle East & Africa, Central & South America, India, Asia, Australia and Oceania. Proudly operating 7 direct offices, Myrtha has a global network of dealers & installation companies in over 70 countries.
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Plans for the next 12 months
Working for the last 10 years on a responsible and sustainable programme, the mission now is to redefine the evolution of how to integrate "responsible", "eco" and "chic" into the Spa & Wellness industry. Myrtha looks forward to introducing a new generation of cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable products.
Key personnel
Roberto Colletto (CEO of Myrtha Pools and Myrtha Wellness)
Stefano Cattaneo (Myrtha Wellness Director)
Key customers
Myrtha proudly lists many of the global hotel and resort chains (such as Mandarin Oriental, Marriott, Accor and Hilton), Luxury Independent Hotels, Boutique luxury Hotels, Wellness and Sport facilities, Developers, Architects, and spa consultants as their key customers.
“Myrtha Wellness is unique on the international scene – its unmatched production capacity, innovative modular system and BIM design process offer a winning combination. The increasing demand for sustainability and an Italian “vision” of product performance it’s a challenge that Myrtha can easily meet.”
– Alberto Apostoli, Architect and SPA Designer
“Myrtha Wellness sets itself apart with its ability to integrate scenery, lights, colours, sounds, using natural and sustainable products.”
– Sergio Bizzarro, Architect and Spa Designer
“Myrtha is a great partner in every sense of the word and a great brand alignment for Mandarin Oriental Hotels & Resorts”
– Sean O’Connor, Group Spa Manager, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (2006-2021)
updates & press releases
09 Nov 2023
Leisure funding calls for tighter focus on renovation and estate rationalisation
Sport England has announced that more than 100 local authorities across England have received funding from the UK government's Swimming Pool Support Fund to help them keep public pools open in the face of challenging financial pressures.

Alessandro Fochi, UK export manager, Myrtha Pools comments:

The news brings some clarity to the funding announced by the government in the Spring Budget. It is also a vote of confidence for renovation, with some councils and leisure centres struggling to simply operate in the current economic climate, let alone invest funds in brand new offerings. Modular, off-site techniques allow leisure centres to make improvements to the core shell of pool, such as its sides and flooring, while providing immediate energy savings.

“The conversation around energy also brings wider onus on the role collaboration can play in helping our leisure centres to thrive. We recently hosted an industry roundtable, which focused on the core need of estate rationalisation. In the Midlands for example, there are some fantastic showcases of combined civic office and leisure offerings, which are maximising public space and driving significant social value to communities. Where possible, we should be looking at how co-location of facilities can create shared benefits, maximising costs for local operators under one roof, while creating combined hubs of leisure and social education.”

18 Sep 2023
Luxury cornish hotel completes modular outdoor pool
Strengthening its credentials in the luxury hotel market, modular pool provider Myrtha Pools has completed the installation of a new outdoor heated pool in Cornwall.

Fowey Hall, part of the Luxury Family Hotels collection, will now benefit from a 18x8m pool this summer, which has been engineered and crafted with Myrtha Pools stainless steel technology.

A vanishing edge filtration system has been added to improve water circulation and quality, with a grey tiled finish enhancing the pool aesthetic.

The new pool forms part of a multi-million-pound refurbishment at Fowey Hall – a Grade II listed establishment – with substantial upgrades having been completed in May. Such upgrades include 20 new contemporary bedrooms, four brand new Bay Suites, which sit atop the renovated spa, and a refreshed outdoor terrace parallel to the new pool.

The pool itself boasts stunning sea views, making Fowey Hall one of the very few luxury hotels on the south Cornish coast to offer this facility.

Kevin Burns, UK business development manager at Myrtha Pools, said: “This is a stunning hotel, that is well-respected in the luxury market.

“The solution we’ve provided has been expertly designed, with ease of care, maintenance and speed of installation all in mind. On top of this, it blends in seamlessly with the stunning views this establishment provides over the great Cornish coastline.

“The world’s leading hotels come to us because they know we can deliver efficient, flexible and smart solutions, that are futureproof for years to come. We’re pleased to consider Fowey Hall among this esteemed list and look forward to seeing the pool in action this summer.”

Nick Walley, general manager at Fowey Hall, said: “What we offer here is a much-loved family retreat in a beautiful part of the country, with an ongoing improvement programme that helps to enhance and retain Fowey Hall’s unique character.

“The new pool will sit alongside an entirely re-landscaped outdoor area, which demonstrates our commitment to ensuring new and existing guests have a fantastic stay with us.
“In time for the summer season, we’re excited for families to experience our new offering at the historic Fowey Hall.”

Built in 1899 as a family home by Sir Charles Hanson, Fowey Hall is located in the harbour town of Fowey on the south Cornish coast.

The new Myrtha Pools solution, which has been designed to LEED, BREEAM and Green Star standards, will provide Fowey Hall with a host of benefits, with the firm’s modular technology offering a 45% smaller carbon footprint than traditional methods of construction - which use tile and concrete - and cost savings of up to 20%.

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Myrtha Wellness
Tel: +39 0376 94261
Address: via Solferino 27, Castiglione delle Stiviere, MN, 46043, Italy
Roberto Colletto, CEO
Myrtha Wellness video gallery:
Key personnel
Roberto Colletto (CEO of Myrtha Pools and Myrtha Wellness)
Stefano Cattaneo (Myrtha Wellness Director)
Key customers
Myrtha proudly lists many of the global hotel and resort chains (such as Mandarin Oriental, Marriott, Accor and Hilton), Luxury Independent Hotels, Boutique luxury Hotels, Wellness and Sport facilities, Developers, Architects, and spa consultants as their key customers.
Myrtha Wellness brochure: