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From ZHD’s new coffee table to lamps aiming to demonstrate the potential of seaweed, we take a look at what’s happening in the world of product design

Emmanuelle Moureaux uses colour to create space and emotion in new installation
Moureaux founded her architecture and design practice in Tokyo in 2003

Emmanuelle Moureaux, a Japan-based French architect and designer, has unveiled a spectacular installation in the Ehime Prefecture province of Shikoku, Japan.  Located in the auditorium of the Kenzo Tange-designed Imabari City Hall, in Imabari City, the installation, called 1000 Colors Wave, forms part of the Imabari Color Show and is the second installation to be realised following a 2017-2018 exhibition. 

The installation fuses Moureaux’ colourwork, something she is renowned for, with the sophisticated dyeing techniques used in Imabari City, which is known for its textile industry and dyeing technology. 

To create 1000 Colors Wave Moureaux dyed each of the 1002 auditorium seats a different hue and worked closely with local craftsmen to create each individual shade. 

“I use colours as three-dimensional elements, like layers, in order to create spaces, not as a finishing touch applied to surfaces,” Moureaux says.

“For me, colour is a medium to create space and emotion,” she continues.

"For me, colour is a medium to create space and emotion" - Emmanuelle Moureaux

“It can make people smile, give them energy, and most importantly colour can make people happy. I try to give these emotions to people.” 

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Moreaux created 1000 colours which she used to dye the auditorium seats
Hand-crafted algae lamps showcase potential of seaweed in design, says Nina Edwards Anker
Nina Edwards Anker

Nina Edwards Anker, a Brooklyn-based designer and founder of architecture and design practice nea studio, has created a new collection of hanging pendant lamps made from dried sheets of algae. 

Inspired by Edwards Anker’s ethos of incorporating local and organic materials in her designs to give them a sense of place, the lights were designed to highlight the potential of seaweed and algae as a raw material. 

Designed to be used with LED bulbs, the pendant shades are hand-crafted from chlorophyta, a type of marine green algae, that has been treated to create a flexible yet firm translucent material. The treated algae sheets are then moulded around objects, before being left to dry. Topping each shade is a circular metal frame to attach a lightbulb to, that, when switched on, glows through the translucent shade. Due to the organic quality of the material each shade is completely unique, boasting its own sculptural structure and colour. 

"We allow the raw nature of each individual sheet of seaweed to form its own sculptural piece" - Nina Edwards Anker

“We allow the raw nature of each individual sheet of seaweed to form its own sculptural piece,” says Edwards-Anker. 

“The material retains its original organic nature, translucency and colour, so that each shade becomes a unique piece,” she adds. 

The lights are also customisable, with buyers able to choose from a number of options and finishes, including brushed brass, bronze and polished chrome. 

The company is looking to expand the range with sconces and table lamps. 

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The shades are crafted from marine algae that is moulded and left to dry
Coastal Star Tide Pools to change the future of our coastlines, says Dr Shimrit Perkol-Finkel
Dr Shimrit Perkol-Finkel

ECOncrete, a company specialising in environmentally-sensitive concrete solutions, has developed the Coastal Star Tide Pool, a shoreline stabilising tool that is designed to replace riprap and other materials traditionally used to armour shorelines. 

Made from a low carbon, environmentally-friendly concrete mixture, the Coastal Star Tide Pools feature a star-like appearance and are designed to mimic natural rock pools to create local ecosystems as well as provide ecological armouring to protect and stabilise the shoreline. They can be tailored to suit the environment they are installed in. 

Recently, the company announced a partnership with the Port of San Diego’s Conservation Department, which oversees the protection, conservation and enhancement of San Diego Bay. The three year long project will consist of 72 tide pools placed across three sites along the Harbor Island shoreline to protect the bay’s marine life. 

"We are eager to help protect the city’s coastlines" - Dr Shimrit Perkol-Finkel

Dr Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, CEO and co-founder of ECOncrete, says: “ECOncrete is proud to lead the efforts of ecological enhancement together with the Port of San Diego and to bring sustainable, blue technology to the state of California. We are eager to help protect the city’s coastlines while increasing resilience and rejuvenating the marine ecosystem of the area. The newly developed Coastal Star Tide Pool will help change the way our future coastlines look and function.”

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The new product will be placed along the Harbor Island shoreline
 ZHD’S MEW Coffee Table explores relationship between surface and structure, says Maha Kutay
Maha Kutay

Zaha Hadid Design has partnered with Italian furniture design firm Sawaya & Moroni to create the Mew Coffee Table. 

The table is described as an investigation into the relationship between surface and structure, a recurring theme explored in the work of the late Dame Zaha Hadid, who passed away in 2016.

Available in two colourways - red and white - with a glossy polished finish, the design is defined by surfaces converging at different heights, and explores the meeting of planes curving from the horizontal tabletop to become a structure. 

"The coffee table’s design is precariously dependent on its narrative of fluid connectivity" - Maha Kutay

Maha Kutay, co-director of Zaha Hadid Design, says: “Continuing our 25-year collaboration with Sawaya & Moroni, which has evolved through collections exploring relationships between solid and void, figure and ground, form and function, the Mew coffee table manifests a sculptural sensibility that re-invents our perception of structure and surface. 

“The coffee table’s design is precariously dependent on its narrative of fluid connectivity.”

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The Mew Coffee Table features surfaces converging at different heights
SolarCLOUD moving structure produces clean energy
Sinan Gunay and Nurhayat Oz

Superspace, an architecture firm based in Istanbul, Turkey, has created a new installation in Masdar, Abu Dhabi, which harnesses solar power.

The installation, called SolarCLOUD, consists of 1500 mini solar balloons encased in a ‘solar fabric’ that can harness solar power to be used for electrical energy. 

SolarCLOUD was created as part of the Land Art Generator Competition, which challenged entrants to create sustainable energy solutions and structures that produce clean energy, as well as serve as public works of art. 

A moving sculpture, the balloons are ‘triggered’ by the sun and follow its movement throughout the day, capturing solar power which is then harnessed into electrical energy. 

In the evenings, SolarCLOUD transforms into a programmable digital art platform, with the potential to be used as an open-air new media museum. 

"SolarCLOUD is a programmable digital platform, which could become an open-air museum, hosting many artists from all over the world " - Sinan Gunay and Nurhayat Oz

“SolarCLOUD could become an open-air museum, hosting many artists from all over the world. Changing and refreshing content from different artists can be scheduled monthly, weekly or even daily,” says Superspace founders, Sinan Gunay and Nurhayat Oz. 

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The installation consists of 1,500 balloons that can harness solar power
Ink Collection inspired by rhythm and movement of Chinese calligraphy
Apiwat Chitapanya

Apiwat Chitapanya, a Bangkok-based designer, has teamed up with brass furniture specialist Masaya to create a new furniture collection inspired by Chinese calligraphy. 

Called The Ink Collection, the line consists of three pieces; a dining chair, stool and bench, and was influenced by the flowing movement of Chinese calligraphy. The dining chair serves as the collection’s focal point, and was designed to emulate the cursive-style of calligraphy, with streamlined and pointed legs mimicking the appearance of the characters. 

The stool and the bench feature delicate lines and gentle curves, inspired by the continuous movement of the brush. 

"It flows in one continuous movement with emotions and feelings transcending through each brush stroke" - Apiwat Chitapanya

The pieces were created through lost-wax casting, a process that involves a cast being taken of a wax version of the design to create intricately detailed reproductions. 

“The Ink Collection was inspired by the synchronisation, harmonisation, rhythm, movement and flow of the Chinese painting style, and the flow of the ink,” says Chitapanya. 

“It flows in one continuous movement with emotions and feelings transcending through each brush stroke.

“The lines are meant to resemble brush strokes. Wax casting makes it possible to create these moving lines,” he adds. 

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The fluid lines were inspired by Chinese calligraphy
The Ink Collection dining chair
Starck T collection celebrates 25-year partnership, says Martin Carroll
Martin Carroll

Duravit, a Germany-based sanitary ware company, has launched a new accessories collection, called Starck T, in partnership with French designer Phillipe Starck. 

The 16-piece collection, which comes off the back of a 25-year collaboration, features a range of bathroom accessories including towel rails, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, covered and uncovered paper holders, towel hooks and a wall-mounted or freestanding brush set. Serving as a spectacular focal point is the Stark T soap dispenser, a flask-like refillable soap dispenser made from matt, handblown glass. 

Designed to complement existing Duravit pieces, the collection is defined by a round base stemming from a geometric ‘T’ shape, reminiscent of the branches on a tree, which is present in every piece in the range.

"Duravit first started working with Philippe Starck over 25 years ago when they joined forces to create the Starck T" - Martin Carroll

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The Starck T soap dish
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Company profile: Polin Group
Market leader in design, manufacturing and installation of waterslides and water leisure developments.
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