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News from the world of product design, including exciting new eco materials, a furniture range made from plastic waste and fabrics by David Rockwell

David Rockwell partners with Jim Thompson for dream-inspired fabric collection
Barry Richards, the Rockwell Group Photo: Georgie Wood

Architect David Rockwell has created a collection of fabrics to be used with the textile house and long-time collaborator Jim Thompson.

Called Dreams, the collection was inspired by dreamscapes, particularly the ways in which images appear to blur around the edges while still being recognisable. Boasting 12 patterns in all, the fabrics reflect Rockwell’s fascination with light, and draw on his extensive experience designing for hospitality, culture, theatre and residential projects.

Featuring abstracted natural images, the fabrics have an ethereal, misty quality, enhanced by Rockwell’s use of colour, which creates drama and mystery, while softer hues create a sense of light and ephemerality.

The partnership with Thompson enabled Rockwell to experiment with various weaving techniques and surface treatments in order to achieve the desired colours and textural variations.

"Our new Dreams Collection is inspired by nature, but filtered by dreams and the subconscious" - Barry Richards

Available in a range of materials, the fabrics are designed to have multiple uses.

In addition, Rockwell has created two new designs in sky-inspired hues for Thompson’s Atmospheric collection of wall coverings.

“It’s critical to never underestimate your intuition, memories and imagination,” says Barry Richards, principal and studio leader at the Rockwell Group.

“Our Dreams Collection is inspired by nature, but filtered by dreams and the subconscious.”


Rockwell’s second collection for Jim Thompson explores abstracted designs inspired by dreams

Zaha Hadid Design creates vase collection with Rosenthal
Maha Kutay

Zaha Hadid Design has partnered with porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal to create a new collection of vases.

Called the Lapp collection, the range consists of three smaller vase collections: Weave, Strip and Lapp.

Weave, inspired by ‘the fluid lines of Zaha Hadid’s sketching hand’, explores the interplay between fluidity and symmetry and incorporates delicate strokes that interweave and diverge, in order to demonstrate the connection between the themes.

"The collaboration showcases Rosenthal’s craftsmanship and our commitment to experimentation" - Maha Kutay

Strip consists of three sculptural vases and two bowls; it features a square base juxtaposed against a circular top edge, while bold vertical strips with rhythmical offsets and metallic highlights create unusual intricacies within the design.

Lapp consists of a family of different-sized vases in varying combinations of matte and gloss finishes. The design was informed by the motion of liquid droplets flowing along solid surfaces and features a number of openings and voids providing a range of flower arranging options.

Maha Kutay, director of Zaha Hadid Design, says: “The collaboration showcases a wonderful synergy integrating Rosenthal’s long history and craftsmanship with our studio’s commitment to pioneering experimentation of materiality and process.”

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The collection of vases were designed for Rosenthal and inspired by the ‘fluid lines of Hadid’s sketching hand’

Nick Connor on Volvo’s ‘caring’ Sydney Living Seawall
Nick Connor

Car manufacturer Volvo has partnered with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and Reef Design Lab to create an environmentally-friendly ‘living’ seawall along Sydney’s harbour that aims to improve biodiversity and water quality along that stretch of coast.

Designed to imitate the root structure of mangrove trees, a popular habitat for marine life, the seawall consists of 50 3D-printed tiles made from marine-grade concrete and reinforced with recycled plastic fibres.

"There’s a Swedish word, omtanke, that means ‘caring and consideration.’ I think that really captures what we’re trying to achieve" - Nick Connor

The tiles, which were attached to an existing sea wall, feature a unique hexagonal shape that is intended to attract wildlife, such as molluscs and oysters, that filters water by feeding on passing particles.

Nick Connor, MD of Volvo Car Australia, says: “There’s a Swedish word, omtanke, that means ‘caring and consideration. I think that really captures what we’re trying to achieve with the Volvo Living Seawall, and it sums up Volvo’s approach to sustainability in general. We’re always trying to rethink, reinvent, redesign for the better.”

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The Living Seawall has been designed to add complexity to the existing seawall structure and provide a habitat for marine life, according to Volvo
Henrik Marstand on eco-friendly Ocean Collection
Henrik Marstand

Mater, an ethical design brand based in Denmark, has launched a furniture collection made from plastic reclaimed from the ocean.

Described as the ‘ideal marriage of high-design and material innovation’, the two-piece Ocean Collection is based on original designs dating back to 1955 by Jørgen and Nanna Ditzel, designers renowned for their use of organic and innovative materials.

"We are facing a global recycling crisis with plastic waste filling the ocean" - Henrik Marstand

Characterised by a light structure, repeated slats and a metal frame, the collection consists of a table and chair reimagined in reclaimed plastic made from recycled fishing nets. It takes advantage of a Danish scheme that encourages fishermen across the world to dispose of discarded fishing nets at a recycling plant near Copenhagen that recycles them into high quality plastic pellets.

Dennie Ditzel, daughter of Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel, says of the collaboration: “My mother was fascinated by new materials and always experimented with them, so this new iteration is very much in her spirit.”

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The collection marries 1950s Danish design with a new ocean plastic waste recycling scheme

The chair features repeated slats and a metal frame. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
Baux acoustic solutions are “sustainable, functional and beautiful”, says Jonas Pettersson
Jonas Pettersson

Baux, an acoustic products brand based in Sweden, has developed a line of biodegradable acoustic panels, using a plant-based material called Baux Acoustic Pulp.

A paper-like material derived from plants, the pulp was developed in collaboration with scientists from Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology and is the culmination of more than 25 years of research.

"We have been working on taking our brand mission to the next level, by introducing a new 100 per cent natural material" - Jonas Pettersson

Formed of organically modified cellulosic fibres from sustainably harvested Swedish pine and fir trees, the material is created in a process similar to that of making paper. Wood is broken down into a liquid cellulose before being dried out. The fibres are then adapted to emulate the natural protective properties of a range of plants including lotus flowers, known for repelling water, and fire retardant grass roots. A combination of potatoes, plant wax and citrus fruits give the material strength.

Baux founding partner Jonas Pettersson says of the range: “Baux solutions are sustainable, functional, and beautiful.”

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The Baux Acoustic Pulp panel was designed by Stockholm Studio Form Us With Love and is bio based and biodegradable

Ori Collection creates “home environments more connected to nature”, says Catherine Aitken
Catherine Aitken

The eco-friendly Ori Collection – co-developed by design firm Ekkist and furniture company Another Country – is now available for purchase. The range includes a guest bed, coffee table, planter, and wall mirror, plus a skittles game set.

Each product was crafted with sustainably sourced timber in accordance with the WELL Building Standard, which advises designers to create comfort-focused products that positively impact living and working spaces.

Catherine Aitken, design director at Another Country, said, “Our ethos fits perfectly with that of Ekkist: the focus is on creating welcoming, sustainable, and non-toxic homes that will last.

"The focus is on creating welcoming, sustainable, and non-toxic homes that will last" - Catherine Aitken

“With a renewed emphasis placed on the materials we surround ourselves with, the Ori Collection celebrates a home environment more connected to nature. “The raw materials for this collection were carefully selected so they contribute to a healthy home environment while the design outcomes allow a flexible, light-filled approach to living.”

Another Country founder, Paul de Zwart, added: “We see ourselves as purveyors of the natural home and this was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with the minds behind the Ori House. This is what the future should look like.”

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The collection was designed to promote health and wellbeing

Ori Collection creates “home environments more connected to nature”, says Catherine Aitken

Starpool, an Italian wellness consultancy, has revealed a new design concept for saunas and steam rooms.

Centred around customisation and colour, the concept, called Colour for Soul, is billed as ‘a colour revolution’ for spas. It encourages operators to view their saunas and steam rooms as design features by offering these facilities in a range of five ‘emotionally charged’ shades: ‘Deep Soul’ green, ‘IntenseSoul’ plum, ‘LightSoul’ blue, ‘FullSoul’ grey and ‘Pure Soul’ white.

The colour palette, described as ‘an emotional catalogue of colour possibilities’, offers hues selected for their mood enhancing properties, as well as their elegance.

"I believe that the spa of the future will be increasingly bespoke, built around the needs and tastes of everyone" - Dave Foster, Designworks

Customers are not just limited to Starpool’s colour options, as the saunas and steam rooms can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual.

Riccardo Turri, CEO of Starpool, says: “I believe that the spa of the future will be increasingly bespoke, built around the needs and tastes of everyone. This is why we have decided to work with colour, a fascinating tool that is yet to be fully explored.”

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The concept allows operators to play with colour
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