Shades of mindfulness: Ultra Violet named Pantone's colour of the year

In hospitality, we are seeing purples like Ultra Violet take centre stage in interior spaces as large and small hotels harness colour and design to entice travellers and stay relevant
– Pantone

Colour standards company Pantone has announced a “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade” as the Colour of the Year for 2018.

Pantone chooses a different emerging colour to celebrate each year, with ‘colour experts’ at the Pantone Color Institute searching extensively for new colour influences, taking inspiration from the entertainment industry, films in production, travelling art collections, fashion lines, forthcoming buildings and interiors and socio-economic conditions.

According to the firm, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet is a “blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level” and “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”.

It hailed musical icons Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix as pioneers who adopted the colour as a “personal expression of individuality”, adding that Ultra Violet has continued to “spur individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets”.

Pantone also claimed the colour has applications for interior designers aiming to create a sense of wellness into their work.

“Historically, there has been a mystical or spiritual quality attached to Ultra Violet," it said. “The colour is often associated with mindfulness practices, which offer a higher ground to those seeking refuge from today’s over-stimulated world.

“The use of purple-toned lighting in meditation spaces and other gathering places energises the communities that gather there and inspire connection.

“In hospitality, we're seeing purples like Ultra Violet take centre stage in interior spaces as large and small hotels harness colour and design to entice travellers and stay relevant.”

Pantone’s Colour of the Year
How can Ultra Violet be used in interior design?

“In interiors, Ultra Violet can transform a room into one of extraordinary self-expression, or conversely its polish can tone down a room with subdued, modern pairings. Adding spice and brightness, Ultra Violet calls attention to a tufted couch, piece of art, or accent wall.

“As a colour that can take you in so many directions, Ultra Violet makes a statement in any space, whether it’s one of tradition and elegance or unexpected boldness.”

Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, said: “As individuals around the world become more fascinated with colour and realise its ability to convey deep messages and meanings, designers and brands should feel empowered to use colour to inspire and influence.”

Last year’s winner was PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery – a "fresh and zesty yellow-green shade".

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